My computer is running really slowly. What’s the problem?

The most frequent cause of a slow computer is a virus or malware, though there could be other causes such as low or compressed hard drive space. Since viruses are the most common cause, it’s important to protect your computer with good anti-virus software. Don’t forget to update your antivirus definitions often – some good ones will update and scan your computer automatically. If you have already run a virus check on your computer and it’s still slow, give us a call; we can run a diagnostic to determine the problem.


I keep getting pop-ups every time I turn on the computer.
It’s driving me crazy. What’s going on?

Annoying pop-ups on your computer are usually the result of malware. Malware can be accidentally downloaded by piggybacking on another piece of software. Also, malware can end up on your computer if you click “ok” on pop-ups for other things, even if they look safe. The easiest way to avoid malware is to avoid websites with illegal content, such as pornography or music downloading. However, malware can still end up of your computer even on sites that look safe. Virus checks won’t always catch malware that has been downloaded, and you might need to go through your Control Panel to delete unwanted programs.


My computer keeps turning itself off. Why?

There are a few possibilities here, usually due to a hardware problem. One of the most common issues is a broken fan, which causes the processor to overheat and shut down the computer. A bad device driver installation can also cause your computer to shut down. A fan can be easily replaced, while a device driver will need to be updated properly.


My computer is making a really loud noise. Is it the fan?

It probably is the fan, thought it could be a failing hard drive as well. You might need a new fan, but the one you have might just need a good cleaning. If the interior of your computer tower is dusty, it may need to be blown out. We recommend doing this every six months to keep things in clean, working order.


There is a clicking sound coming from my computer. What is it?

A clicking sound usually means the hard drive is starting to fail. This is a serious problem that should not be ignored. If your hard drive fails, you will lose everything that has been stored on it – files, pictures, music, everything. To protect your important data, you can get a backup drive that saves files automatically in case your hard drive fails. If your hard drive is clicking, call us to install a new one and transfer your files before it’s too late.

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